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Picking up our conveyance July 1995

We went across the state after looking at many motorhomes and found a dealer with a few nice coaches.  Willie went in this one on his own and plunked himself down on the sofa.  I had to buy it.  He wouldn't go near my old 77 Dodge Minnie Winnie.  I think it was cursed.


Willie's 9th birthday 3/10/03

are we there yet?

look before you leap

throw it further next time

whole lotta shakin'

river rat

Willie's personal swimming pool courtesy of Ormond Beach Parks Dept.

my ball

here's lookin at you

Other Fun

Willie finds an Octopus

Lottery Picks!

Taking a break!  Somewhere in Arizona

Cadillac Ranch  Route 66

the big blue whale, Catoosa, OK  Route 66

standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona!   Route 66

cool dog house, Wig Wam Motel, Holbrook, AZ!   Route 66

treasure hunting in Santa Cruz

Sheep Thrills at Southfork!

....have you any wool?

Hiding in "Silence of the Lambs" campground

Steve Wirtz of Cartuna.net and Willie at the Silence of the Lamb's Family Campground

'snow way to treat a dog!


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